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Product description

    Soy candle in a concrete LOTUS


Dimensions: 4 / 8 cm

Total weight: 130 g

Composition: soy wax

Wick: cotton wick



1. Burning time.

Correct burning of the candle in the vessel involves the melting of the wax along its entire width. For this, the candle should be burned for 2-3 hours. Thanks to this, the candle will burn evenly and the so-called tunnels will not be made.

2. Length of the wick.

Remember that the candle wick should not be too long. Both for candles with a wooden wick and for ordinary candles, it is recommended that its length be 3-4 mm. If the wick is longer, the candle may smoke. Trimming the wick should be done when the wax has solidified. This will keep the wax clean. Any contamination should be removed.

3. Environment.

The candle should not be burned near the window, vents and places exposed to drafts. Failure to follow these rules may cause the candle to smoke and thus not smoke properly. This also affects the precious fragrance that will not stay in the room.


Each candle is made by hand, which is why it is unique and unrepeatable.

Created especially for you!


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