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Goods Complaint Form
Type of complaint request:
Type of complaint request:
1. Exchange of goods for a new one
2. Free repair of the goods
3. Lowering the price of the goods by the amount of ...
4. I withdraw from the contract and return the price of the goods to my account ...

In the event of a defect in the goods, the Buyer has the option of complaining about the defective goods on the basis of the warranty provided for in the Civil Code.
Using the warranty, the Buyer may, on the terms and within the time limits specified in the Civil Code:

  • Submit a price reduction statement
  • In the event of a significant defect - submit a statement of withdrawal from the contract
  • Demand that the item be replaced with one that is free from defects
  • Demand that the defect be removed

If it turns out that in order to consider the complaint, it is necessary to deliver the advertised goods to the Seller, the Buyer is obliged to deliver the goods to the address provided by the seller.
Complaints regarding the operation of the Store should be sent to the e-mail address indicated in § 2 of the Regulations.
Consideration of the complaint by the Seller will take place within 14 days.

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